ASC offers multiple packages to help you with all of your training needs. Although geared for the "serious soccer player", we encourage athletes of all ages and developmental levels to contact us, if you desire to play at the next competitive level.

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One on One Private Training​:
 There are three packages to choose from for one on one private training. All packages consist of one hour sessions with Nicole. Services include, but not limited to, footskills, passing and receiving, aerial play, shooting, goal keeper and position specific training,stamina and endurance conditioning, strength training, technical and tactical ball work, player analysis and observation, implementation of player and team specific strategy, special topics, and more.....See additional information
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Drop In Skills Clinics:

Drop in skill clinics are typically one hour sessions. Topics range from footskills, attacking, defending, 3v3, shooting and more. Please contact us directly to find out what this week's topic will be. Footskill clinics are no contact and provides players with a 2,000 touch on the ball practice, combined with an anaerobic workout. Attacking, defending, 3v3, and shooting clinics are contact, and focus on technique, body positioning, decision making and building confidence.  See additional information

Footskill Clinics:

Footskill clinics are geared for either small groups (15-20 players), or teams. Clinics usually are made up of 5-6 training sessions, all one hour in length. It is a 2,000 touch on the ball practice that combines agility training with constant movement with the ball. Attack and escape moves are broken down with a focus on first touch. This is a high paced clinic, intended for  individual work with the ball and not 1v1 pressure.These clinics are usually grouped by age, but because there is no physical contact, younger players can be placed with older athletes if the skill development is present. See additional information

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Team / Preseason Training:
Preseason camps typically provide 4 training days, consisting of 10 training hours. Agility and speed training, footskills, small sided play, conditioning, analysis of team structure, and injury prevention and sports nutrition suggestions are typically topics that are covered. Team discussion panel's are a separate option, that is usually one hour in length. This panel discussion is intended for college bound athletes and their families, usually open to the club or a singular team. This dialogue covers the topics of the expectations and challenges of being a student athlete at the collegiate level, a review of DI, DII, DIII levels, how an athlete should present in oral and written communication, showcase etiquette, academic requirements, how to reach out to college coaches in general, and "life after college athletics"  See additional information
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College Recruitment Mentoring:
There are three different options for those players who would like to explore the possibilities of playing collegiate level soccer. All packages include an analysis of the student-athlete. Depending on the chosen package, services provided may include, but may not be limited to, overview of the college recruiting process, academic consultation and evaluation, player profile analysis, optional match analysis, coach communication strategy, collegiate level playing recommendations, consultation with high school or club coach, overview of NCAA expectations, athletic evaluation, target school creation list, and a soccer resume creation.  See additional information
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Video Analysis and College Recruitment Video Creation:

Having a soccer highlight video is an essential part of the college recruiting process. A valuable tool, it is an efficient way for college coaches to gain insight to you as a player, and to see you in "real time play". When you submit your game footage to ASC, it will be edited into a 3-5 minute digital video reel that can be electronically viewed by college coaches.  See additional information