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Please continue on and read below to gain perspective on past and current client experiences! 

"We highly recommend Nicole and her services.  Nicole is an excellent coach, trainer, and college prep advisor.  She is highly organized, on time, efficient, and valuable. Nicole can see the landscape of high school, club, and college soccer along with recognizing and developing a player's skills, and work it all into a package that is needed in the competitive landscape of the game.  Her personality is transparent, friendly, and honest helping our family make the right decisions with our player"--Parent of current high school and premier level player  

"I noticed a dramatic improvement in my daughter's foot skills after she completed one of Nicole's 6-week clinics. The fun, yet challenging environment along with Nicole's encouragement and expertise is preparing my daughter for College level play. I highly recommend Nicole to any player interested in improving skills, endurance, and his/her soccer IQ"---Parent of current high school and premier level player

" My daughter has trained with Nicole intermittently for 2 years and is very happy with her progress! She has captured the attention of college coaches at all division levels and believes that Nicole's training has significantly contributed to her success. More importantly for this soccer mom, I am grateful that Nicole models how to be a strong, confident, and competent woman for my teenage daughter! I highly recommend Nicole Andreesen!"---Parent of current high school and premier level player

"The college search for my daughter was exciting (and also a little scary), for my husband and I. It is true that “you don’t know, what you don’t know”. Nicole helped walk us through the entire process, and helped ease our feelings of anxiety and of being overwhelmed. She is full of knowledge, and helped us to find the right fit, both academically and athletically. I highly recommend Nicole for your college bound athlete."

My daughter came to Nicole’s team at a time when she needed a boost of confidence, both personally and in her game.  Nicole worked with her in ways that built her up both on a personal level and athletically.  She provided us with honest pointed feedback toward my daughter’s personal goals and coached her into the best shape of her life both physically and mentally. She was also integral in the recruiting process.  We got to experience all aspects of Nicole’s teaching repertoire from individual work, small foot skills clinics, and as her premier team coach.  Undoubtedly, Nicole’s coaching was responsible for my daughters tremendous growth and put her in a position to play at the collegiate level. 

"Through Nicole’s mentorship, my son was able to make an educated decision on where he should play soccer in college. Preaching “academics first”, she helped him to find a school that would support him academically, and allow him to play the sport he loves. Her insight and guidance on how to facilitate this process is priceless. This is not a topic we could have navigated on our own!"

"My daughter has worked with Nicole for many years. From an early age, Nicole has guided her development and allowed her to grow and become a college bound player. Nicole's sessions are intense and focused, but the girls are always smiling. Doesn't matter the level of player, the practice sessions are designed to help any level player advance. My daughter would not be the player she is without Nicole's lessons on and off the field. The level of trust and respect my daughter has for Nicole goes above and beyond soccer."---Parent of a current high school and premier level player

Nicole has trained both my girls over the years and has coached one! She is a great coach, trainer, mentor and role model!  She truly cares about what she does and her clients- you can see it in everything she does!  I highly recommend her!

“All aspects of my game have improved since I started my sessions with Nicole. I’ve become a more technical and more confident player and Nicole has helped me develop my soccer skills to a higher level”. ---Current High School Player

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