video analysis/recruitment video 

One of the most important steps in being noticed by a college coach is your highlight video. Coaches do not always have the time to attend your games personally, and you need to “hook” their interest in you— by way of high quality clips of you playing in an actual soccer match. They want to get a feel of you as a player (your size, physical stance, body makeup), while also seeing your decision making skills, field vision, athletic ability and overall competence in your position— all in a 3-5 minute video.


When choosing this service for your athlete, ASC will compile clips of your submitted video that showcase your athlete in the best possible light, highlighting their playing abilities. Our experience allows us to choose the footage needed based on your player’s position, to truly standout on the pitch. We will walk you through what would be expected on a highlight video, and give you honest feedback on the footage that you have submitted.

What makes ASC standout in regards to creating your highlight video, is that we are soccer specific. Soccer is the only sport that we cater to. We take the guesswork out of your footage. ASC will give you the option of choosing what clips you would like to see in your video, or we can pick the plays for you. Coaches are looking for specific attributes within different positions. Within your video, you have less than 5 minutes to hold your viewer's attention. Basically, you shoot the video and we take care of the rest.


                                                                         Academy Package: $500

You pick 5 games to send us and we will choose your best plays, according to your position. We will then assemble those clips into a 3-5 minute video that will include player highlight marks and an open introduction page that will exhibit a full length picture and your player specific stats.




                                                                               Junior Package: $300

You pick 15-20 clips that you would like to see assembled into a 3-5 minute video. The video will include player highlight marks and an open introduction page that will exhibit a full length picture and your player specific stats.

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