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My season and all upcoming showcases and tournaments were cancelled due to COVID-19. What now?

1. Please don’t panic! As frustrating and as disappointing that it is that all soccer (and sport play in general) must cease, we can all understand the reasoning behind the decisions of the soccer organizations. It is important to remember that it is not just you that cannot play soccer right now, it is everyone! No one is getting an “edge” over you due to game playing time. For those players concerned about how to navigate and pursue their college soccer recruitment during these unprecedented times, you can still be proactive.

2. Although we cannot play games right now or have organized practices, we can control what we are doing on our own individually. There are tons of online resources that provide work out plans, soccer footskill workouts, and nutrition plans that are available to you—free of charge! Take advantage of this time that we are to stay close to home. If you don’t own a treadmill, go for a run outside. Anaerobic interval training is extremely effective. Keep in mind that when your season is back up and running, there will be the expectation that you are still in shape!

3. Even though tournaments, showcases, and college ID camps are cancelled, postponed, or suspended does not mean that you will now be “behind” in the recruiting process. Again, I remind you that no one is able to attend these events or visit schools. Everyone is in the same boat.

4. This is a great time to do some online research. Start researching schools:

· What major interests you? Does the school you are looking at have that major?

· Where is this school located? Do you want to be near or far to home?

· How big is this school? How many students are enrolled?

· What is the acceptance rate?

· Does this school use ACT/SAT scores for admittance?

· What division are the soccer programs of the school?

5. Who is the soccer coach of the college program? You can find the contact info on the soccer team page of the university or college. Send him or her an email introducing yourself. If you have old video footage, attach it. If you do not have any video footage, (or was planning on taking footage during this spring season and now can’t), you can indicate to the coach that you would like to attend their ID camp this summer. We will be seeing an influx of College ID camps and clinics scheduled for the summer, once the mandated league closings are lifted—ask them when they plan on hosting one.

6. Work on your grades. I am under the impression that just about everyone is participating in online distance learning with their schools, while mandates have closed most, if not all, public and private schools. Use this additional free time that has been acquired (i.e. no team practices or games) to try and bring those grades up. Depending on your current GPA, perhaps find an online SAT or ACT prep course that you could utilize for the next few weeks. Remember, your GPA and standardized test scores must balance out to maintain NCAA eligibility. Not to mention, coaches--regardless of division--want a player who can balance school work and the sport that they are playing.

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